Public Speaking

Importance of Public Speaking Discussion

Discuss the importance of public speaking. In your own words, describe how and why one would choose to employ the skills of public speaking? How can effectively speaking help a person in their lifetime? Can you think of any examples of someone you heard about, read about, or learned about? Evaluate: How may one or more of the skills acquired through public speaking relate to your life? (This can be your present or future self) Please use two concrete examples from the text to support your ideas. Concrete examples are clear examples that support your ideas and provide the reader with substance and credibility. When you incorporate ideas into your response you should always support it with evidence. In this case, you support your ideas with examples from the text (chapter 1).  For Example, preparation and logical ideas in business markets can help young generations in the job market “organizing one’s thoughts in business can prove powerful results in a world with an abundance of technology in creative markets” (Lucas 22). OR…. Lucas in his “Similarities between public Speaking and Conversation” asserts that spending the day talking with other people employs a wide variety of skills” (22). WATCH:  Josh Shipp’s “One Caring Adult” Actively Watch: As you watch it Take notes in YOUR NOTEBOOK: What makes this speech so powerful? What is the main idea of this speech? Thesis? In what ways does he speak with powerful rhetoric? Does he use Metaphors? anecdotes? Visuals? … to captivate his audience? How does he capture the audience and captivate the audience?  Who is Josh Shipp? You can find some information about him in chapter 1 ..  “The Art of Public Speaking” 13th Edition.. Do a bit of research,,, There is information / videos about him online.  Develop a list of 5 things you know about him from reading/research.

Mar 27th, 2021

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