Lowest acceptable transfer price

Ulrich Company has a Castings Division which does casting work of various types. The company’s Machine Products Division has asked the Castings Division to provide it with 20,000 special castings each year on a continuing basis. The special casting would require $12 per unit in variable production costs. In order to have time and space […]

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Porject Management

1) a. How does the WBS differ from the project network? b. How are WBS and project networks linked? 2) a. Project risks can/cannot be eliminated if the project is carefully planned? Explain. b. The chances of risk events occurring and their respective costs increasing change over the project life cycle. What is the significance […]

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Media Selection and TV Ads

An ad campaign for a new snack chip will be conducted in a limited geographical area and can use TV time, radio time, and newspaper ads. Information about each medium is shown below. Medium Cost Per Ad # Reached Exposure Quality TV 500 10000 30 Radio 200 3000 40 Newspaper 400 5000 25 If the […]

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Infrastructure-Centric, Web-Centric, and Call Center Metrics

In this module, we focused on metrics for measuring the success of IT systems including infrastructure-centric metrics, Web-centric metrics, call center metrics, and financial metrics. Another important area of metrics is security metrics, or how well you are doing at stopping viruses from coming in, protecting against identity theft, and the like. Do some research […]

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Deontological and Teleological Frameworks of Business Ethics

1) What are the deontological and teleological frameworks of business ethics? Give examples of them in today’s business environment. 2) Why were the three simple ethical tests established in business ethics? Give examples of them. 3) Why is it important to study ethics in business, and what is the foundation and history of business ethics […]

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paintings (or artifacts) of Leonardo Da Vinci and Andy Warhol

Using a series of questions, Leonardo Da Vinci’s “Mona Lisa” and Andy Warhol’s “Marilyn Monroe” are compared and contrasted in three spheres of influence: historical political-social climate, rendering of the artifacts (paintings), and the aesthetic. Conclusions are left to the discretion of the observer. 2 Solution Preview There are three areas, or spheres of influence, […]

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Oligopoly in the auto industry

) The American automobile industry has been an archetypical oligopoly. Show why this statement is true. 6) Explain the cutthroat competitors reasons for not raising or lowering his price, thereby accounting for the kink in his demand curve. The cut-throat competitors’ reason for not raising or lowering prices are that if a competitor increases his […]

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Operations Management:Custom Molds Case

Http://itdc.im.cyut.edu.tw/~jerry/opim/ritzman/ch02Cas1.pdf On this web page you will find the Custom Molds Case. My questions are: 1) What are the major issues facing Tom and Mason Miller? 3) What alternatives might the Millers pursue? What key factors should they consider as they evaluate these alternatives? Solution Summary Solution contains analysis of Custom Molds Case. To continue […]

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HR Policies for Discipline, Suspension & Termination at FedEx

How does this apply to FED EX? Discipline, Suspension & Termination (Handbooks, Wrongful Discharge, Procedural issues) Realize that some companies do not openly discuss their HRM practices. Perhaps the organization you chose for your SLP project is one of them. So, sometimes you will need to make inferences and borrow ideas from other private-sector companies […]

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Pro forma Statements and Cash Budget

What are the basic benefits and purposes of developing pro forma statements and a cash budget? 1. What are the basic benefits and purposes of developing pro forma statements and a cash budget? a. Pro forma income statements, balance sheets and statements of cash flows are commonly understood as financial projections. The purpose of financial […]

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