Examine Different Pay Structures

As the HR Director of your organization, you have decided to create training materials for newly hired HR team members. Your next item is to prepare a pamphlet designed to interpret best practices in establishing pay structures. Conduct research and identify three to five elements to effective pay structuring and its application to a given […]

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HA499 Bachelors Capstone In Healthcare Administration

150 to 200 words in text cite and 2 references Explain how health care organizations use quality improvement techniques to guide decision making? Discuss the challenges organizations encounter in applying quality improvement techniques to guide decision-making. Cite and reference your resources.

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Organisations That Are Considered As Ethical

Using the Internet or other sources, research any two organizations that are considered ethical.In your paper, be sure to address the following items:) Brief description of each of the organization you researched) Explain the Organizational Structure of the two companies. What advantages and disadvantages do you experience based on the current structure) Explain why they […]

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Discharge For Sexual Harassment

In this assignment, you will analyze a case study dealing with the seriousness of perceived sexual misconduct. This case looks at an example of a common type of seemingly “innocent” interaction, that can easily get out of control. You will discover that reality is in the eye of the beholder and behavior and actions should […]

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Assess A Job Description

As you learned in the module lesson, jobs can become outdated. Processes may no longer be effective and new requirements may be needed based on technology development and marketplace changes. Many organizations do not frequently evaluate their jobs in terms of analyzing the function and the value of what they produce, and therefore many organizations […]

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Employment Law, HR

ISSUE #1Jimmy-Joe Thudpucker, an hourly 2nd shift worker with 11 years on the job, went to his female shift supervisor, Judy Tenuti, in her office. He stood in the doorway and said quietly and slowly to Judy that she “will recognize pay-back for going over my head to the plant manager” (regarding Jimmy-Joe’s lack of […]

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Employee Development Discussion

The 2 two main types of training used in my organization are instructor led and distant learning, also called e learning. Instructor-led training is the traditional type that normally occurs in a classroom environment with a trainer presenting the material to a group of people. E-learning uses online coursework and materials to deliver the training. […]

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Organizational Compliance And Regulatory Mandates

PLEASE!!!! Read the question sheet attached. Understand the scenario and answer the prompts that follow in three separate sections. Prompt 1 should be a PowerPoint presentation and should be done on the APA PowerPoint attached here. Prompts 2 through 5 should be done on a Word document prompt 3 should be done on the Compliance […]

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Human Resouces

Module 04 Course Project – Detailed Training Outline or StoryboardFor this part of your course project, submit one of the following:If Your Course Project Is Traditional-Based Training:Submit a detailed outline (a minimum of 4 pages) of the training.If Your Course Project Is Technology-Based Training:Submit a detailed storyboard (in Word or PowerPoint) of the training.In your […]

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Organizational Strategy

Hide Folder InformationTurnitin®Turnitin® enabledThis assignment will be submitted to Turnitin®.InstructionsImagine you are the Director of Human Resources for a high-tech organization in the North East. You were just approached by the production and sales manager about a large contract that was just won. This contract entails that the organization will need to produce 50,000 of […]

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