Stations Casinos ULP

Read pages the Stations Casinos NLRB Order.  The Culinary Union filed about a hundred unfair labor practice charges against Stations and the NLRB found Stations guilty of almost every one of them.  That was the first 85 pages.  This is the final order, which summarizes everything Stations did over a span of two years.  Read through these and list 5 of the unfair labor practices that you think were the most effective to keep the union out, and a list of 5 that you think were the least effective to keep the union out.  Explain why in a single sentence for each one.

Mar 27th, 2021


Event Scenarios

Volunteers It has become obvious that your plans to use unpaid volunteers are not going well. Three weeks prior to the event you have had indications of interest from only one third of the number of volunteers you anticipated using. o Describe what action you will take o Submit estimated financial costs related to this plan of action My group plan of actions: One way is that the event can ask for the university students and let their school to sponsor their event.  We can ask for some students to help them to get more volunteers, and also we can get some people via word of mouth.  The budget is no need to pay.  We will provide the students lunch, dinner, transportation and cover the costs due to budget. We will get the students to sign a contract to make sure they will show up. My professor comments: how will you make sure the students come? Community relations Following complaints from local residents over rowdy behaviour and noise disturbances from patrons in the late event of the festival’s opening day, the council has asked the festival management team to deal with the situation for the Sunday to ensure good community relations are maintained. What actions do you take? o Draft an e-mail to response to the council (in this case the Community Relations Department) outlining how you will address the situation. o How are you going to deal with the local press who are on site and asking questions? For each one of these two Problem:  Actions: Impact: Please highlight in bold so I will know which one.

Mar 27th, 2021


Consumption Environments Write Up

Watch this movie and complete a write up (12 point font, single spaced, up to a page and a half – no less than one page). In your write up, link the movie to marketing strategy and specifically the hospitality industry. This video special is now 16 years old.  What have we learned? What are the take-home messages and/or prescriptions the video offers? Think about the significance of the movie for explaining and guiding the hospitality industry over the next 1-4 years. (Video link)

Mar 27th, 2021


Moist Heat Cooking

Select a moist heat cooking technique to learn more about. Use the internet to find a short video of the blanch and chill (shock) method. What techniques and procedures are you identifying? What is the full web address? Describe and name the tools used in the technique you have chosen. Explain what are the advantages of the blanch and chill (shock) method.

Mar 27th, 2021

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