4 problem About Refrigeration and Heat Pump Systems

It will start before 3 hours of deadline. You will only have 3 hours or less to finish this, if you can finish one send one answer is better.

Mar 17th, 2021


Reactions of Brace and Gusset Plates Under Cyclic Loading

Emergency: I am helping another person to find an expert who can write the paper so I did not know all the details about the assignment. But if anyone can write this paper, I will refer the website to that person. Also we can double or triple the price. My instructions can be blurry because I am not majoring in engineering. It’s an engineering paper studying how brace and gusset plates react under cyclic loading and its fracture and local buckling.  The instructor has not given a concrete topic so the writer should come up with one. The paper should have 49-60 references The writer has some data and there are four steps of the experiment.  (There are some terminologies like coupon, CBB, BIE 3Omm). The writer has validated some data and provided some functional images. The above instructions are not clear because I am not the writer. But please, if anyone has a master’s or phd’s degree in engineering (I guess mechanical or civil?) and can roughly understand those instructions. Please let me know.

Mar 16th, 2021


Business Engineerin

Repetition task 5-1: What method would you use to develop the technical strategy draft? Give reasons for your answer.  Repetition Task 5-2: What method could the customer segmentation be based on? Reason. Repetition task 5-3: What method would they use for creating the value network apply? Reason. Repetition task 5-4: How can the quantitative development be planned? Method? Repetition task 5-5: Which method is suitable for creating the technical draft of the Process? Reason. Assistance Methods and tools for the preliminary examination: ABC analysis Eisenhower matrix or portfolio analysis Benchmarking Methods and tools for recording the current situation: Self-recording Questionnaire observation Multi-snapshot Document analysis Methods and tools for the as-is analysis: Checklist Check matrix ABC analysis SWOT analysis Methods and tools for generating solutions: brainstorming Brainwriting Morphological analysis Methods and tools in solution evaluation: Verbal evaluation Investment calculation Utility analysis Cost-benefit analysis Methods and tools for implementation Methods and tools for evaluation: Benchmarking survey

Mar 15th, 2021


Magliv Train

For Part 2 of this project, we are going to be making a poster using either Google Docs or Microsoft Word whichever you are more comfortable with. In your poster you will need to show and explain where you would construct a maglev train in the city of Pittsburgh and its surrounding suburbs. Your train will need to have a total of 15 train stops. You will decide where these stops will be. Keep in mind that more popular places like shopping centers and areas with a lot of restaurants tend to be more popular areas. Please write a brief description as to why you choose each stop. You will also need to include a list of 10 pros and 10 cons of both maglev trains and their technology. Finally, a rational that is written in the form of a letter to the mayor of Pittsburgh explaining why the city could benefit from a maglev train. Please include images to make your poster look nice they can be handdrawn or images from online.

Mar 14th, 2021



How would you define a network? What is bandwidth? What is a NIC? List three types of media used for network connections. Describe a situation in which you needed to access a network and had difficulty. What steps did you take to access the network? If you have not run across this, give an explanation of a network you used and some benefits of using the network. How will networking impact you in your professional life?

Mar 14th, 2021


Improving Construction Productivity

The role of planning and programming in improving construction productivity Min/Max words 1500 Marking scheme Presentation/style 10% Research 40% Arguments/discussion/examples 40% Summary/Conclusion 10% Please include bibliography

Mar 10th, 2021

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