Genearal mechanics question

1. A motorcyclist is coasting with the engine off at a steady speed 17 m/s but enters a sandy stretch where the coefficient of friction is .80. Will the cyclist emerge from the sandy stretch without having to start the engine if the sand lasts for 15 m. If so, what will be the speed […]

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Presentation on NanoElectrochemistry / Surface functionalization (Nanowires, nanotubes)

I want a detailed presentation on NanoElectrochemistry/ Surface functionalization (Nanowires, nanotubes). the history of it and when did they first start to incorporate nanotechnology with electrochemistry. I want it very detailed for eample explain the reactions that occur with the use of nanotechnology with electrochemistry. Provide examples of commercial products that incorprate nanoelectrochemistry and talk […]

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