Lateralization of cortical functioning

(a) What does lateralization of cortical functioning mean? (b) Why is the term cerebral dominance a misnomer? Solution Preview (a) What does lateralization of cortical functioning mean? Brain lateralization means that the two cerebral hemispheres differ slightly in structure and function. For example, in left-handed people the parietal and occipital lobes of the right hemisphere […]

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Mitosis and Meiosis

Access Code (located on the lid of your lab kit): Pre-Lab Questions ”1. What are chromosomes made of?” ”2. Compare and contrast mitosis and meiosis. ” ”3. Cancer is a disease related to uncontrolled cell division. Investigate two known causes for these rapidly dividing cells and use this knowledge to invent a drug that would […]

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Chest Pain Results

Focused Exam: Chest Pain Results | Turned In Advanced Physical Assessment – March 2020, advanced_physical_assessment__td8__031720__sect1 Return to Assignment (/assignments/313481/) (/site_notice_dismissals?from_flash=true&site_noticBecome a paid student tester for Shadow Health! Click here for more information ( (/site_notice_dismissals?from_flash=true&site_noticShadow Health will be performing planned maintenance this Friday, from 7:00am until 7:30am Eastern. During this time assignment attempts will be disabled. […]

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 The Effect of Temperature and pH on Enzyme Activity

The Effect of Temperature and pH on Enzyme Activity OBJECTIVE/INTRODUCTION The purpose of our lab was to observe how the reaction rate of an enzyme increases or decreases when combined with different substrates. Enzymes are catalysts that increase the rate of biochemical reactions. The rate of these reactions can be affected by its environment: temperature […]

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Microbiology labs

Lab 4 Selective Media & Agar” “BIO250L” Student Name: Amy Bailey Access Code (located on the lid of your lab kit): AC-OU2JH9B “Experiment 1- Selection and Differentiation of Body Inhabiting, Gram-Positive Bacteria” “Table 4: Experiment 1 Growth Conditions” “Surface Tested” “Growth (Good or Poor)” “Color (Red or Yellow)” “Other Observations” “LB/Nutrient Agar” “MSA Agar” “Skin” […]

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