Asian Studies

the multiple waves of Vietnamese migrants to the U.S.

You will be responsible for writing a paper (2 pages) regarding the multiple waves of  Vietnamese migrants to the U.S. […]

May 27th, 2021

Asian Studies

Pillow Talk

After reading Pillow Talk, pick a topic (religion, aesthetics, literature, sexuality, gender) and explore its role in the book in […]

May 22nd, 2021

Asian Studies

Asia Bollywood Cinema

Discuss what were the tactical shifts in the economy and polity? What kind of ideological processes they set into motion and how did Bollywood support them through its narratives and visuals? And in a globalized world how did Bollywood become a space for negotiating with the West and for projecting India’s soft power? or Discuss the emergent gender dynamics in Bollywood cinema with reference to how they challenge earlier gender norms and power dynamics. And reflect upon how the representations of new gender dynamics may be a function of new sites for distribution and consumption of Bollywood cinema.

Mar 27th, 2021

Asian Studies

The Rise and Fall of Banda Singh Bahudar

Please write  falls and rises of his life.  Banda Bahudar empowered untouchables to bear arms and ensured freedom of faith for all the ethnic, religious, racial, and cultural groups. Banda distributed land among the landless and became formidable force against the Mughals. In 1716, his execution with 740 of his associates was witnessed by many Europeans. Banda left a legacy that was followed by Sikhs for a century.

Mar 27th, 2021

Asian Studies

Spread of Buddhism in China Research

Have a basic introduction of talk about how Buddhism spread to China and how it evolved into what it is now. The important influence of Buddhism on early works.  Only use the source that I provide. Requirement: Your final paper, like all good writing, should be organized to tell a story or to solve a problem, with an introduction, presentation of the evidence, and a clear conclusion.  Please use the standard scholarly note and bibliography format and cite all your sources. Include both notes and bibliography.  You may use the textbook as a model for note and bibliography format. All sources, including online ones, should be documented. Be careful and critical of your sources, especially online sources.  Wikipedia is not scholarly and should not be cited as a primary source, although the better articles sometimes have a bibliography that is well worth consulting.  The academic, museum and peer-reviewed sources should be your primary references. When in doubt, please ask.  Please include illustrations of the works of art you discuss or that support your argument.  You should identify each illustration in a caption or list of illustrations in a format similar to what you see in the textbook.  In addition to artist, title, medium and format, date, and dimensions, you should include the collection that owns the work, if known, and the source of your illustration (whether print and internet). Please do not insert the illustrations in the text, but append them at the end.

Mar 27th, 2021

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