Facility Design Process

Assignment ContentAfter working in facility design for many years, you have become well-known in the industry. Your manager has asked […]

May 26th, 2021


Comparison Paper

Description In this module you will complete your final comparison paper, comparing Charles Correa, Gandhi Ashram Memorial Museum, Ahmadabad, India, 1958-1963 […]

May 8th, 2021


Metabolism Period Architecture

I need detailed information about the “metabolism period” in architecture.  I have uploaded the breif of the assignment. It lists exactly the information needed. Please make sure to site all information and images

Mar 27th, 2021


Interior Design Elements to Reinforce Learning

The use of interior design elements to reinforce learning in public schools and museums

Mar 27th, 2021


Affordable and Sustainable Housing

To conduct an individual research project, interlinked with the focusing on: ?Analysis of current building methods for customized affordable and sustainable housing design industrial applications; ?Definition of sustainable criteria for constructive solutions; ?Testing methodologies and tools for mass-customization through advanced digital fabrication technologies; ?Develop a framework Involving construction companies and architects to test policy approaches for alternative housing solutions; ?Develop and implement a workflow for modular adaptable building method for mass-customization of affordable and sustainable housing.

Mar 27th, 2021


Architectural Visual Analysis

Step 1. Choose an architectural structure within your own “built environment.” This could be the apartment or dorm complex you live in, a shopping center you frequent, a freeway you commute on.Be creative! Choose a structure that you are personally familiar with and experience/have experienced on a regular basis, and that you will be able to think and write about critically. This may mean that your childhood home is not the best structure choice for you… Step 2. Write a paper (1000-1500 words, or about 4 pages double spaced) that includes: A visual analysis of your chosen structure (follow suggested formatting for visual analyses #1 and 2) Your reflections on how the structure’s physical form influences and affects your experience of it. Questions to guide your writing: For the visual analysis part: What is the building’s purpose? Does the building appear today as it did when constructed? What does the building say? What message does it send/statement does it make? What materials are used? What role does landscape play? What architectural styles are used/referenced? For the personal reflection part: Does form follow function? What is the interior flow or organization (floor plan)? How does this contribute to your experience of the structure? What emotions does the structure bring up in you? In other words, do you feel positively or negatively about your experiences in it? How does the structure’s architecture contribute to these feelings? Are there architectural design flaws that hinder your experience of the structure? If so, what do you think would improve the structure’s design?

Mar 27th, 2021


Building Eco School

hi, im working on a report about building an eco-school in saudi arabia, I have gaps in my report that I need filling asap.  I need an abstract (The abstract should provide a concise overview of your project, describing the theoretical and practical dimensions and implications of your research-led design project. The abstract should be no more than 350 words. ). and I will need to do a case study on these 2 sustainable schools. I need to talk about how will I incorporate some of the techniques in my design. (focus on ventilation and building techniques/sectioning school activities ) (school activities / sustainable techniques)

Mar 19th, 2021


The Arch Shape Roman Architecture

Although the arch was known to cultures such as the Mesopotamians, the Egyptians, and the Greeks, it was the Romans who perfected it, evidently learning its principles from the Etruscans but developing those principles further. The Romans understood that much wider spans could be achieved with the round arch than with post-and-lintel construction. The weight of the masonry above the arch is displaced to the supporting upright elements (piers or jambs). The arch is constructed on a temporary supporting scaffolding and is formed with wedge-shaped blocks, called voussoirs, capped by a large, wedge-shaped stone, called the keystone, the last element put in place. The space inside the arch is called a bay. And the wall areas between the arches of an arcade are called spandrels. When a round arch is extended, it forms a barrel vault. To ensure that the downward pressure from the arches does not collapse the walls, a buttress support is often added. When two barrel vaults meet one another at a right angle, they form a groin vault. The interior corridors of the Colosseum in Rome use both barrel and groin vaulting. Your assignment is to write an essay with an introduction paragraph, body paragraph and conclusion paragraph. Discuss the use of the arch in Roman architecture by demonstrating what the support allowed engineers to accomplish.  You must use one example.  Cite the name of the monument.  And be sure to explain how your example is evidence of the innovations Roman builders made to the arch.  How did the arch shape Roman architecture?

Mar 12th, 2021


Nolli plan has Revolutionized our Understanding of Cities

Single-space, Font: Times New Roman, Font size: 11 Please take into consideration that based on those two pages I am going to add another 2 pages on them as an analysis to my neighborhood and how I am going to implement that, therefore the pages that you are going to write are going to be the first part of my paper.

Mar 10th, 2021

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