NTSB Party Process

Research and explain the NTSB “Party Process” and how it assists in the investigative process.  Detail the limits, specifications, structure, responsibilities, and reasons behind the process.

Mar 27th, 2021


Bird Strikes in Aviation

Please write about your topic 1 – bird strikes and how airports work to prevent them. This assignment will be submitted to Turnitin®. Instructions Please see the syllabus and the feedback you received regarding your proposals in Assignment 1. Kindly write in a professional, academic, and scientific manner about the topic that I chose from your suggestions in Assignment 1. The paper must be in 12 point font, single-spaced, five (5) pages or ten (10) pages double-spaced long. Ensure that you use APA reference formats in the body of your paper and in the bibliography at the end. 

Mar 27th, 2021


Aeronautics Book Report

Read EITHER the FAA Risk Management Handbook OR the Operator’s Manual: Human Factors in Aviation Maintenance. Both publications are available for free PDF download from the FAA websites listed here: In a Microsoft Word document, write a 2-page report that discusses how material in the FAA Risk Management Handbook or the FAA Operators Manual can be used in the student’s daily operations. Ensure the book report is applicable to the students focus area. The report will include a title page, the report, and a reference page (the length requirement does not include the title page or reference page). The goal for the paper is for the student to pick one or two items in the FAA material then write to that, not a review of the entire material presented in each book. Follow current APA edition format to include double spaced, 12-font, New Times Roman font.

Mar 27th, 2021


Human Factors involved with UAS

Conclude the paper with summarizing how human factors is involved with UAS flying. Include your inferences as to what are the most important elements, based on your research, that would make a good UAS pilot. Detailed conclusion with excellent inferences made.

Mar 27th, 2021


Air Transport Legislation

Cover both of these subjects in an essay.  – Post 9/11 Legislation – Discuss how the Air Transportation Safety and System Stabilization Act and the Homeland Security Act both financially assisted the airlines and increased their financial burden. – International Cargo and 9/11 – What impact did 9/11 have on the international air cargo industry and how did they adjust to these changes?

Mar 26th, 2021


Impacts of Aeronautics

Impact of aeroanutics reengineering in millitary forces

Mar 17th, 2021

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