Superbowl Advertisement

Write a blog 1. Find an example of a brand whose commercial ran in this year’s Superbowl that told a story that drew you in. (except Jeep) Link: 2.Did the brand bring the current pandemic or social or economic climate into this story? If so explain. 3. What engaged you about the content? 4. Did it tell a story that pulled you in or did it try to push a message at you? Explain. 5.Did that story fit the brand’s overall brand story and message? 6. Did it achieve earned media through social sharing? If so, how much earned media did it garner, and where? 7.Why do you think this was shareable content?

Mar 27th, 2021


Analyze an Advertisement

The goal of this essay is to analyze an advertisement. We’re looking specifically at the signs and symbols used in order to make the call to action happen. What’s the call to action, and what is pointing you in that direction—is it explicitly or implicitly stated? Who’s the target audience? How can you tell? Is it the people used? The language used? Clothing/props? Voiceover language? Background music? Setting In this essay, you will begin the body of the essay with a short summary that states the company and the product, describes the ad, and identifies whether this is a print or non-print (video) ad and the platform (magazine, TV, film, streaming service, YouTube, social media platform) and program or publication it was attached to. You will then consider what signs (the thing, the denotation) and symbols (what the thing means, the connotation) are being used, how they’re used in the ad and what it says about our society (commentary), and how they tell us who the ad is aimed at. Next, consider the influence of the program or publication the ad is tied to. Does this help or hurt the targeting happening in the ad? How do you know? Finally, I would also like you to include a section that looks a little more broadly and compares your selected ad with another 1) in the same company, 2) for a competing product, or 3) for the same product in a different time period. How does this ad compare? Is there a difference in approach? If so, why? Is there a different goal? If not, why may this be the case? This paper must have thorough in-text citations and include an MLA-formatted Works Cited page.

Mar 27th, 2021

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