A Cleft Palate

1. A nurse caring for Paulo , an infant born with a cleft palate, notices that the parents rarely interact with their child. The nurse overhears the mother telling her husband that she “feels like crying “every time she looks at their son. Which response by the nurse would be most appropriate?I sense you could use more information on caring for a cleft palate. Would you be interested in meeting with other parents who have dealt with this?2. For the care plan for the child being treated for cancer, all of the following are appropriate measure exceptA. Observe for signs of infiltration of IV site to prevent complicationsB. Administer live attenuated viral vaccines to prevent common childhood illnessesC. Have emergency equipment and emergency drugs readily available to avoid a delay in treatmentD. Screen all visitors and staff for signs of infection to decrease chance of he spread of infection3. The nurse is examining a child with hypoparathyroidism. The nurse would expect to assess which signs and symptoms? Select all that applyChvostek sign and trousseau sign4. A nurse is caring for a child who has Hirschsprung’s disease. Which of the following actions should the nurse take?Prepare the family for the child’s surgery and temporary colotom5. Craniosynostosis is a condition that results fromPremature closure of the fontanels and cranial sutures6. ———- Is the only immunoglobulin to both cross the placenta and be transferred through breast milk.Immunoglobulin G7. Essential postoperative nursing management of a child after removal of a brain tumor includesMeasuring all fluid intake and outputBeth is a 6month old with retinoblastoma. In planning long term care for Beth and her family, which teaching point below would be most important to plan for?A. They shouldknow that retinoblastoma may be inheritedB. It would never be advisable for her to wear contact lensesC. To assess for reoccurrence of this same retinal tumor in early toddlerhoodD. They should know to avoid all corticosteroid therapy9. When describing the negative feedback system that controls endocrine function, the nurse explains that a decreased secretion of which substance correlates with a decrease in blood glucose levels?nsulinThe nurse is caring for an infant newly diagnosed with Turner syndrome. Which intervention or goal takes priority?A. Monitor Growth and developmentB. Educate parents on genetic disordersC. Perform focused assessments on every body partD. Provide referrals for appropriate developmentaltherapies11. The nurse is closely monitoring a child who is unconscious after a fall and notices that the child suddenly has a fixed and dilated pupil. The nurse should interpret this asNeurosurgical emergency12. In young pubertal female, von Willebrand disease can present as ……….. which is serious hemorrhaging during the menstrual cycleA. DysphagiaB. PorphyriC. HemophiliaD. Menorrhagia13. Parotid gland swelling is the hallmark presentation ofMumps14. A school -age child with leukemia experienced severe nausea and vomiting when receiving Chemotherapy for the first time. which of the following actions is most appropriate to prevent or minimize these reactions with subsequent treatments?Administer an antiemetic before chemotherapy begin15. Which of the following factors place young child at risk of abuse?They are demanding , non-verbal, and easily accessible16. A nurse is assessing a 4-month-old infant who has meningitis. Which of the following manifestations should the nurse expect?A. Depressed anterior fontanelB. ConstipationC. Pressure of the rooting reflexD. Hight fever and stiff neck17. The nurse is preparing an 18-month-old for discharge following treatment for dehydration secondary to diarrhea. What instruction would the nurse most likely include in the discharge teaching?A. Implement plain waterB. Offer high sodium drinks such as PedialyteC. Provide plenty of 100% fruit juiceD. Without fluids even when vomiting18. ————— typically presents with swollen, painless, and rubbery-lymph nodes in the cervical or supraclavicular region.A. NeuroblastomaB. Hodgkin disease. Kaposi sarcomD. Non-Hodgkin lymphoma19. Neuroblastoma is often classified as a silent tumor becauseDiagnosis is not usually made until after metastasis20. PKU follows an autosomal recessive inheritance pattern and:A. Result from a deficiency of a liver enzyme, and can result in irreversible brain damage unless PKU is detected and treatedB. Result from a lack of iron in the system, and can cause increased heart and respiratory rates until it is resulted with iron infusion and oralC. Cause increased intercranial pressure and must be surgically corrected before the patient suffers headaches, vomiting and possibleD. Causes increased mucus production the body , changes in chloride levels, and slows growth, and must be treated as soon as an exocrineA 17-year-old girl has been diagnosed with bulimia nervosa. Which complication should the nurse carefully assess for in this client?A. Severe erosion of teethB. AtherosclerosisC. HypertensionD. Diabetes mellitus21. The most common cause of hyperpituitarism is pituitaryA. AtresiaB. EdemaC. PolydipsiaD. Adenoma22. The cornerstone of effectiveness treatment for autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Select all that applyA. ChelationB. Early identificatioC. Referral to an intervention programD. Citalopram23. Structural defect of the neurologic system includes: Select all that applyA. Defect in the structure of the brainB. Malformation of the spinal cordC. Diabetes MellitesD. Leukemia24. The nurse is assessing a 3month old baby for potential hearing problem. Which of the following assessments would be most appropriate?A. A sudden loud noiseB. The weber testC. The moro reflexD. The Rinne test25. It is important to tend height and weight in the care of children. A child whose height and weight gradually drop in percentiles as she grows may be experiencing a hormone deficiency and require:A. Injections of recombinant Human Growth HormoneB. Treatment for transient Diabetes InsipidusC. Intranasal or oral desmopressinD. Lifelong cortisol replacement therapy26. Diabetes insipidus a disorder of the posterior pituitary resulting in deficient secretion of which hormone?A. Antidiuretic hormoneB. Adrenocorticotropic hormoneC. Thyroid stimulating hormoneD. Luteinizing hormone27. Hydrocephalus refers to:A. The abnormal buildup of cerebrospinal fluids in the ventricles of the brainB. Abnormally small brain structure, typically at least 2 standard deviation from normalC. Low levels of sodium in the system, causing dehydrationD. An overwhelming amount of fluid in the circulatory system28. An 11.6kg patient is ordered cefazolin (Ancef) 275mg IV every 8hrs. The recommended safe dose for Ancef is 50-100mg/kg/day. What is the maximum safe dose a child this weight could receive in a 24 hour period. Show work29. What should be included in the teaching plan for a child with type 1 diabetes mellitus who is going home on insulin therapy?A. Children show an increased need for insulin during the first months after glucose control is establishedB. Once glucose control is established, there will never be a need for an increase in the amount of insulin administeredC. It is absolutely normal for the growing child to require an increase in insulin; This does not mean his/her condition is getting worseD. All children should be on at least two types of insulin to establish glucose control30. Phenobarbitol 50mg po bid is ordered for a 42lb pediatric patient. The recommended safe dose for Phenobarbitol is 3-6 mg/kg/day. Is this order safe. Please show work31. Primary focus of nursing care of a child with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) is taking measures to recognize early sign of infections to avoid the development of HIV————-and acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AID)A. ToxoplasmosiB. Wasting syndromeC. EncephalopathyD. Candidiasis45. Which nursing action below BEST demonstrates an important step toward the prevention of child abuse?A. Assessing the child during a well child visit for signs of abuseB. Reporting actual causes of child abuseC. Suggesting that a child be admitted for observation when abuse in suspectedD. Assessing mothers during the postpartum period for data that supports the potential for child abuse46. ————— immunity is when an individual receives premade, full formed antibodies against an antigen either naturally or artificiallyA. InnateB. PassiveC. ActiveD. Adoptive47. Children with varicella are contagious:A. From as soon as the rash appears until all the lesions have crusted overB. After all the crusted lesions fall offC. Beginning 1 to 2 days before rash onset until all the lesions have crusted overD. Immediately after receiving the vaccine48. All of the following children had a seizure. Which one most likely had a febrile seizure?A. 10 year old with fever 99.4,on Dilantin for epilepsyB. 15 year old hit by a car with a head injuryC. 3 year old with ear infection, temperature 104 FD. 2 month old bulging fontanel and unequal pupils

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